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Melvin Williams, 35, of Gardena, Ricardo Torres, 28, of Inglewood and Maurice Poe Jr., 25, of Long Beach – were killed. All three suffered gunshot wounds to the head. Torres worked with many of ...Varrio East Side Longos from Long Beach; Longos, North Side; Longos, West Side; Malditos; Midget Locos; Playa Larga; ... hey you asians need to get tongan crip gang away from my black people as soon as possible a mother fer named big david from TCG thought it would be cool to show off to a white dude named josh brown by throwing …East Side Longos strike up. Long Beach Locked post. New comments cannot be posted. Share Sort by: ... You ain't from LB or that area if u didn't get chased by the Longo's , wether it was ES, WS or NS. ... rapper / active gang member Lefty Gunplay explains why he doesn't use the N Word out of respect for black people and acknowledges not ...Insane Crips [ICG/] are a predominately African-America street gang located on the eastside section of Long Beach, CA. The Insane Crips formed on 21st Street during around 1975 by Chico Bell and the Gaither family. Since then the Insane Crips formed the Young Foundation Crips on 16th Street and the Baby Insane Crips on 23rd Street.Dec 31, 2565 BE ... EAST SIDE LONGO “Don't Get It Twisted”. Abel ... EAST SIDE LONGO GANG. Abel Martinez•51K views ... East Side Longo (Long Beach). Abel Martinez ...Demographics Quick Facts. The population density in East Side is 63% higher than Long Beach. The median age in East Side is 3% higher than Long Beach. In East Side 54.16% of the population is White. In East Side 14.99% of the population is Black. In East Side 15.19% of the population is Asian.Long Beach: East Side Longo (ESLx3) The varrio East Side Longo is one of three separate Longo gangs (NSL & WSL) that operates in Long Beach, and it’s by far the biggest one with several cliques such as Barrio Viejo, Dukes, Malditos, Playboys, and more spread out throughout the city. The ESL is also considered to be the largest gang in Long ...Saturday, November 15, 2003 - LONG BEACH -- Gang injunctions, an increasingly popular but controversial method of combating street gangs in cities across the country, have failed to ... the East Side Longos area in Central Long Beach saw a marked increase in both aggravated assaults and robberies during the correspondingWelcome Back! East Side Longo | ESL X3 / Playboys, Dukes, Barrio Viejo, Latin Town Playboys, Loney Boys, Malditos, Stoners, Peewees, Dog Town, Chicos Malos, Crazy Latin Boyz South Side Barrio Pobre X3 / SS BP 13 16st 10st GA West Side Longo| WSL • X3 (Termites, Summit x Canal) North Side Longo | NSL • X3 ( Machos, Youngsters, Baby Gangsters) ES\\NS Playa Larga | PL •.X3 11st 21st 68st ES LOC’d Out ... East Side Longos had a black OG. and a gang of black dudes pre 90/2000s ... There was racial tensions between Cambodians and Mexicans in Long Beach in the ‘80s, mainly during the mid ‘80s, but it escalated in …A's dues Hoover ,and tha Gaither boyz started insane cash gang back in 74 they became crips in 75..west side 80.was the 1st crip set from long beach.thanks to big tookie. bringing it from the west side of LA to the west side of Long Beach. north side Ni66ahz was click up with cpt Ni66ahz.are they tried to be.back then it was just long beach ...The unspoken reality of the Geer Gang vs 18th street war—-Geer gang was around 85-100 deep. 18th street smiley drive was around 30-40 deep. 18th street called in support from several other cliques. They also told on the main gunners in geer gang aiding crash unit in an injunction on geer gang.February 9, 2011. A multi-agency gang enforcement operation headed by the Long Beach (Calif.) Police Department resulted in the arrest of 13 suspects and the recovery of weapons, ammunition, and other evidence in a Wednesday gang sweep. The operation focused on a local gang responsible for multiple shootings in recent months, including one ...In 2005, a former gangster from Guatemala, who sold drugs for Long Beach's East Side Longo gang, was granted one of the two lesser forms of relief, withholding of removal.LONG BEACH — Police tightened their grip Wednesday on one of the city's oldest gangs believed responsible for a rash of recent shootings, including the attempted murder of two Long Beach Police Department gang detectives last week. The message to the East Side Longos and their associates was loud and clear as waves of officers swept through ...Long Beach is a nasty place when you actually step inside the hood/gang politics. Fortunately Long Beach is one of the biggest cities in Cali so it's really easy to stay away from. But in reality yes, longos are tough and known to terrorize.Sarah Bennett (Long Beach Post) | June 5, 2013. Nine leaders of the violent Longos street gang were arrested in Long Beach Tuesday and–along with six others–charged with federal counts of conspiracy and possession with intent to distribute methamphetamine, according to officials. An additional person was indicted for being a felon in ...Feb 10, 2011 · February 10, 2011 / 6:18 AM PST / KCAL News. LONG BEACH (AP) — Long Beach police say 13 people were arrested following a crackdown on one of the city's oldest gangs believed responsible for ... Aug 6, 2566 BE ... The younger Cambodians teamed up and formed gangs for protection. Cultures clashed, and by the late 80's, Long Beach turned into a killing fieldJacksonville Beach in Florida is one of three Jacksonville beaches. Atlantic Beach furthest north, then Neptune Beach and Jacksonville Beach. Share Last Updated on May 8, 2023 Jack...In a move lauded for its coordination and precision, the Long Beach Police Department's West Division officers, SWAT Team, and Gang Detail successfully collaborated to apprehend several suspects ...In addition to this ongoing investigation, Long Beach Police, along with State Parole and the Los Angeles County Probation Department, conducted a total of 50 parole and probation searches at the Long Beach residences of East Side Longo gang-members, in an effort to suppress further gang violence by repeat offenders.Please fill out the adoption application in full. If not complete we will move on to other applications that our completed. We are requesting that you please send a video or photos of your home areas. Side gates and fencing, sleeping area, other pets in home, yard and pool if you have. We are doing our best since we are only by appointment.Long Beach police said the three victims -- a 13-year-old boy, an 18-year-old man and a 23-year-old man -- were standing on a corner when they were shot at from a car. Chief Robert Luna said that ...An accused gang killer will be arraigned July 7 in Long Beach for the murder of one victim and attempted murder of another during an early morning deadly confrontation. Vai Ho-Ching of Long Beach ...STREETGANGS.COM |June 06, 2016. Long Beach, CA - Three members from Long Beach Rollin 20s Crips (2Tha Loco, BriaanPF and Fadee RR) and a member form Insane Crip (William Mamoth), a traditional rival, came together to talk about their history and coming together despite the historical conflicts that these neighborhoods have and have had in the ...Tbh with you, ESL killing non members has been going longer then ECC/F13. This has been going on as far back as the 80s. Long Beach has some of the worst racial wars in LA County , you see back then it was Eastside Longo Vs R20’s & ICG(black homies), any Asian hood in LB(TRG, ABZ, EFCC, SuiTown) & even us Samoans toCano's gang is linked to the much larger Eastside Longos, the oldest and largest Hispanic gang in Long Beach, Zamora said. Even the gang's name, most often said to mean Latin Thugs, is ...The are gone from Long Beach and faded out in the late 90s. Went to EPP with Keno. That was like ‘86-87. Used to be a lot more Guamanians in socal but once they stop coming , the Filipinos moved more to better places like Cerritos, better jobs💰 it’s …Located in the thriving downtown district, steps from the Long Beach Convention & Entertainment Center, our hotel is designed to maximize your potential. Whether you are staying at our Long Beach hotel for business deals or vacation, take time to explore the area, as the Queen Mary and the Catalina Express are just moments away.About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features NFL Sunday Ticket Press Copyright ...A violent weekend in Long Beach was capped Sunday night when officers rushed to the scene of gunfire for the eighth time in 48 hours. This time, nobody was hurt: A man on a bicycle managed to escape the shooter and rode off just north of Scherer Park, police said. But the rash of violence left six people wounded—some of them critically—as ...301 E. Ocean Blvd, Suite 1900 Long Beach, CA 90802 [email protected] (562) 436-3645. Toll-Free: (800) 452-7829 Fax: (562) 435-5653In the West side of Long beach there are some seriously active gangs. On the westside you have the West Side Rollin 80s Crips, The Sons of Somoa Gangster Crips who beef with each other, who both beef with the West Side Longos. On the East Side of Long Beach you have a hood made famous by Snoop Dogg, who was an East Side Rollin 20s Crip.LONG BEACH (CNS) - Two men self-transported themselves to a hospital after suffering gunshot wounds in what is being investigated as a gang-related shooting in Long Beach, authorities said Sunday ...Crimes that occurred outside the City of Long Beach; PHOTOS AND/OR VIDEO The online reporting system does not allow for any photo or video evidence to be submitted. If you have any evidence that may lead to the possible identification of a suspect, you need to call Police Dispatch at (562) 435-6711 to have an officer respond to take your report.That's how ESL throws up the E. Most hoods that start with E don't curve the pointing finger but ESL does. Idk about the youngest. I’ve seen young Asian Crips n Insanes in LB. like 13 or 14 yrs old. 42 votes, 39 comments. 90K subscribers in the CaliBanging community. Subscribe to the OG Cali sub.Cano's gang is linked to the much larger Eastside Longos, the oldest and largest Hispanic gang in Long Beach, Zamora said. Even the gang's name, most often said to mean Latin Thugs, is ...Gang risk is usually associated with the following regional characteristics: increasing gang presence over the last several years. existence of gangs already in region. number of single-parent families, and. high proportions of youth and young adults. The average index is 7.0. Regions with actual per capita numbers (see left) that are below the ... Long Beach Crips and Longos attacking non banWestside Islanders, West Long Beach. They are a Chamorro Cano's gang is linked to the much larger Eastside Longos, the oldest and largest Hispanic gang in Long Beach, Zamora said. Even the gang's name, most often said to mean Latin Thugs, is ...Gang Questions & Info: Latino gangs, Sureños, clubs, crews and varrios. Search; Eastside Longos of Long Beach. Discuss Hispanic / Latino gangs, Southsiders, Sureños, clubs, crews & varrios in LOS ANGELES COUNTY ONLY. There are four general geographic categories Hispanic gangs fall into for LA. 44 Comments for “Longos, West Side”. im a fart. im Longos 13 Gang Most Hated Gang in Long Beach. The city of Long Beach is a crazy city, it has tons of gang violence and a lot of different gangs. Long beach gangs consists of different nationalities and backgrounds, some black, asian and hispanic. Of those gangs one of the longest standing gangs who are still very active in the streets is the ...Dec 14, 2014 · 44 Comments for “Longos, West Side”. im a fart. im ___ and if u want to have butt sex call me at 5012887708 i have experience cuz i did it with my brother. longo kers ws ns es downtown. angel ines with henn. I Remember back in the days the crips use to wreck havoc on the longos, But things have changed now there being attacked by us. The Original Hood Crips (OHC) also known as the North Side...

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Long Beach, Calif., has developed a multicultural approach to gang prevention; its program has 10 major c...


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T.I.P. to Traxamillion. He passed away two years ago. Traxamillion was one of the first hyphy producers in the Bay, starting with his involv...


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Posts about Long Beach Crips written by UnitedGangs.Com...


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NSLONGO:Machos. NSLONGO:Youngsters. NSLONGO:PEEWEES. NSLONGO:BABY GANGSTERS. They got massive beef witg the hole south side of comto...

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